Signed dated and inscribed ‘K. Haring / SEPT. 6 1986, NYC’ (on the reverse)
Acrylic on industrial canvas
239 x 239cm. 0300)

Photo: Copyright The Artist
Courtesy Stellar International Art Foundation

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Keith Haring was best remembered for his flowing, classic line-drawings of human beings, barking dogs and smiling babies. Complex surface patterns and surprising combinations of colours intrigued Haring. As he aged, his imagery became more complex, but his use of simple, emblematic visual language remained throughout his career. Haring employed the best qualities of colour. The juxtaposition of opposing warm and cool colours creates vibrancy on the surface of the work, but the patterns engage the eye and promote awareness as well.

Many different visual styles and movements have impacted Haring’s artistic narratives. His study of semiotics led to the development of his “signs,” a distillation of his basic visual vocabulary. However, what we see here is a perfect example of complex works influenced by Aztec, Mayan, North African and Aboriginal cultures.

“Untitled” is the perfect example of Haring’s inimitable talent for expressing pulsating movement through forms distilled to their most fundamental components.

Haring’s reassuring hand draws bold, confident strokes, resisting a spontaneous genius’ pre-meditated schematic plan; never erasing or reworking, Haring’s virtuosic gestural ingenuity flows directly on to the surface.

Unmistakably, the mask is charged by the wild and energetic line-work, the present work expresses an infectious vitality and joy.

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