World of Colors
Paresh Maity

‘Paresh Maity World of Colours’, is a personal tribute to the artist as a dear friend of the Stellar International Art Foundation over many years and is a commemoration of the Foundation’s relationship with the artist.

The volume takes a deeper look at a number of the artist’s series work including Sonata, the Orient and Shesh Lekha amongst others.

With strong scholarship by acclaimed curator and critic Sushma Bahl about the life, method, and work of the artist, this second publication by the Foundation showcases the work by Maity from within the collection and documents the development of much of his work from heart, to hand, to canvas.

Acclaimed as the Turner of India, Paresh has held over 70 solo shows and has participated in several prestigious shows in India and abroad. Maity’s work is in public and private collections all over the world, including the British Museum, the Commonwealth Development Corporation, the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, Vatican Embassy in New Delhi, Tata Iron & Steel Co. ITC, and RPG to name a few.

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