The Journey of a Legend
M F Husain

Commissioned by Stellar International Art Foundation, M F Husain: The Journey of a Legend, was written by Kishore Singh, Head of Exhibitions and Publications for Delhi Art Gallery.

The book is a prodigious volume including all of the nearly 300 works by Husain in the Stellar International Art Foundation collection. Equal to the power of the plates, is within this book an eloquent biography of the artist and the beautiful story of his relationship to the Choudhrie Family, founders of the Stellar International Art Foundation. It is truly an enchanting text, which deserves the same painstaking attention as the mesmerising images of the artist’s work itself.

Stellar International Art Foundation has the largest collection of MF Husain’s works outside of the estate – making it the most important warden of his oeuvre. Work from the Foundation spans his entire career and includes large, and sometimes entire, bodies of some of his most significant series including Ramayana, Our Planet Called Earth and most importantly, Maria.

Hailed as a genius, Husain was as prolific as he was talented, and several of his works have never been seen before in public.

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